Photo of Los(t) Angeles from The Reality Series: Paul Antico   Dancers: Salinee Vanichanan, Anaja Holloway, Sung-Yun Park, Batista

Photo of The Tennis Dances: Kenneth Johansson   Dancers: Louise Reichlin, Gale Fue, Jane Graham

Photo of The Patchwork Girl of Oz: Sallie DeEtte Mackie   Dancers: Adrienne Fisher, Janelle Burgess, Wil-son Williams

Photo of Grounding from The Better to Bite You With: Louise Reichlin      Dancers: Anaja Holloway, Genna Forkey, Jackie Speas

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Dance Concerts and Family Programs

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We are always interested in bringing our repertory of performances, including The Tennis Dances, The Better to Bite You With, The Reality Series and The Patchwork Girl of Oz, to new places. These performances have always been extremely popular with critics and audiences alike, and offer great entertainment to both children and adults.

We have performed at The Jazz Bakery, the Anson Ford Theatre, Bing Theatre at both USC and LACMA, the Orange County Museum of Art, the LaHabre Children's Museum, the International Performing Arts Festival for Youth, the LA Music Center and the Los Angeles Children's Museum, among many other places, in Los Angeles, and many theatres and festivals on tour both indoors and out. Here is a link to our sample past performances.

To find out more information about our upcoming performances, please see our News section.

To find out more about our programs or to make a booking, please Contact Us.