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Education programs/ Louise Reichlin & the ‘school’ performance group. Photo by Paul Antico. Photos below by Alfred Desio of Louise at Grant & Los Feliz EL during after school residencies.

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

- K-12 Education

- College Residencies

- Wellness Training for Businesses

Education is one of those words with wide definitions that usually include "the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar institution" and sometimes "an informative experience". It is in the arts, however, that a very special education happens - whether at age 5 or 15 or 55, education does its work through multiple parts of our beings and not just our brains. For our programming in schools, we meet student needs by providing standards-based and core curriculum  educational programs, taught by dancers who are both trained educators and working professional artists, and by providing an arts experience that is engaging and inspiring. These include performances, workshops


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for students and professional development for instructors. We are also able to blend all 3 of these programs into an extended Dance Residency or After-School Program. We are regarded as having one of the best arts education programs in the nation, and are working to produce Physical Education programs of equal caliber for Charter and private schools.

We understand that the arts offer students an anchor for personal expression, a source of motivation, and a model to deal with life. We meet students' needs with multicultural and multi-disciplinary workshops and assemblies that create a forum for students to develop creative ideas on how to approach work and solve problems in all subject areas. Our basic Professional Development Training workshops empower teachers to feel confident in handling dance and movement. The kind of education that takes place in the arts affects the body, mind and psyche, transcends generational, cultural and economic boundaries, and provides the the kinds of tools people of any age need to express themselves, work through problems and find self-fulfillment. For students, the arts are especially important not only to promote self confidence, but also to learn to work with others in teams to think creatively, and ultimately to become a successful part of a larger community. This belief has been behind our commitment to provide educational programming to students, teachers and working professionals for virtually our entire 37-year history as a company.

From the day our company was founded, we have delivered on a commitment to provide world-class educational programming to children, teachers and working professionals. Besides Standards-Based and Core Curriculum Programs for K-12 Students and Teachers, we also offer College Residencies, and Practical Movement Training for Business Personnel.

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                                                                                   Photo: Alfred Desio        Louise Reichlin and students from Grant ES.