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Thank you for your interest in donating to us! We accept donations through mail or online through PayPal, and will put whatever is donated to good use in our programming. Our 501-C3 # is 95-3509028.

Donating by Mail

Please send donations to:

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers

351 S Virgil Ave

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Donating Online

We are set up to accept donations in any amount online through PayPal. You can write in any amount.

The Tennis Dances

Photo by Paul Antico

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Those who donate $100 or more can request the Desio Memorial DVD, which includes a photo slideshow and videos plus additional materials including more than 100 photos. If you have already donated this amount since Alfred's death and have not requested it, please contact us for the DVD. But please understand we are in the process of reconstructing the DVD as the original drive has failed (that happens) but it will be done this season. (not available at this time)

Those who donate $50 or more can request a CD-ROM (for Mac or PC computers) of Louise Reichlin's family programming that includes 35 minutes of video plus photos and press materials. Or ask us for private links to our unpublished dances that you can download. We probably have them in digital file format. (not available at this time)

The original black & white "Louise Dancing" t-shirts with the “Zapped Taps” on the back are back in stock in S, M, L, and XL on both black and white shirts. We also have a limited supply of Colburn Kids Tap/L.A. (in XL only), and Zapped Taps/Alfred Desio t- shirts for donations of $25 or more. T-shirts will only be sent upon request and a $3 mailing/handling

fee for each.

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