A Jewish Child’s Story, Part 1- The Roses on my Wallpaper- A Dream

Part 2- Yellow Star


Call From the Afterlife (from Several Self-Gestapos)


Al’s House (Site Specific)

The Baggage Project(complete description with photos & video links)

(Mourning Light, Tap Dance Widows Club, Remembrance(link to visual), Woman Sleeping)

The Better to Bite You With

The Reality Series (The Shampoo, Los(t) Angeles, Identity

Dance at the Stone House (Site specific)

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

The Tennis Dances

Let's All Dance to a Bluegrass Beat

Multicultural Dance (Tanko Bushi, Kol Dodi, Lamba)

The Shampoo, Part of the Reality Series.

Photo by Paul Antico      Dancers are Sung-Yun Park, Anaja Holloway, and Salinee Vanichanan.

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Present Repertory

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