LA C& D Fall Newsletter 2009

Here are links to the pages of our Fall Newsletter 2009. The photos here were taken at the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center where we performed Dance At The Stone House for the third season this fall, from the masks of The Better To Bite You With performed at the Steelworkers' Auditorium in Fontana, and from our mini-school tour to the San Luis Obispo USD, all in mid November/early December 2009.

Photo credit: Louise Reichlin (masks from The Better To Bite You With & school performance of The Tennis Dances) at Sinshimer Elementary School.
Photo credit: Steve Fobalvarro (dancers & students in performance of Dance At The Stone House).
Dancers: Danielle Catone, Samantha Hoe, Steven Nielsen, Sung-Yun Park, Katya Sussman.
Students: from this year's schools- King EL, Stonehurst EL, and Rockdale EL.
Newsletter design: Kristi Mathias
Newsletter editor: Louise Reichlin

For information about these pages please contact Louise Reichlin at or call (213)385-1171.

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